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Hello everyone! My name is Timo Boomers also known as Xeovalyte. I live in the Netherlands and have always found electronics and computers interesting. Since I was about 12 years old I started to wander in the world of computers and programming. At this moment I program various things like websites, Discord bots, desktop applications and Arduino.



I have been using Linux as my daily driver since 2020. I started out with Pop!_OS and at that moment my love started with Linux. Early 2021 I switch to Archlinux and was very happy with the customizability. Later in 2022 I started using a tiling window manager instead of a stacking window manager, because I wanted to be more productive and learn more about how a desktop works. Since late 2023 until now I use NixOS because I loved the idea of an declarative system.


My programming journey started in 2018 with learning the basics of Arduino. Later I started learning html, css and javascript to learn about the web. I found the framework Nuxt and now use this to create websites and progressive web apps. Since late 2023 I started learning the Rust programming language, because I wanted to create native desktop applications without electron.


  • Docker, Git, Ionic



In 2021 I bought a Raspberry Pi to selfhost some applications with docker. I really loved to learn about networking and deploying applications, and so my homelab needed an upgrade. In 2022 I bough myself a dedicated computer to host a Minecraft server for me and my friends and some other applications. My homelab now consists of a Zimaboard running OPNsense, a dedicated server running Linux with Docker applications and a Raspberry Pi as a backup server.

LED hologram

Work in progress...